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Here are a few words & meanings which may help in the exam etc.

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Words and Meanings ­ part 1
Adverb Tells you how something is done. May also tell
you when or where something happened.
e.g. "slowly" "intelligently" "well"
Verb Describes an action ­ a doing word.
e.g. "cried" "flipped" "prodding" "stepping"
Noun Is a naming word. Names a person, place, thing,
quality, living creature, quality or action.
e.g. "box" "tree" "kindness"
Adjective A word that describes a noun. It tells you
something about the noun.
e.g. "big" "yellow" "amazing" "quick".
Pronoun Used instead of a noun, to avoid repeating the
e.g. "I" "you" "she" "it" "we" "they"
Determiner Used in front of a noun to express, for example
number and quantity.
e.g. "a" "an" "the" "first"
Common Noun The name of any person, place or thing.
e.g. "student" "teacher" "college" "city"
Proper Noun The name of a particular person, place or thing.
Proper nouns have capital letters.
e.g. "Julie" "Mr Smith" "Sunday Times"
Collective Noun Is the name of a group of people or things all of
one kind.
e.g. "government" "staff" "team" "family"
Abstract Noun Is the name of something you cannot touch or
e.g. "honesty" "love" "humour"
Modal verb "can" "could" "should" "may" "might"
Euphemisms Words or phrases which substitute mild or vague
language to soften the harsh reality of a subject or

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Words and Meanings ­ part 2
Lexis Word Choices.
Grammar The different words and the jobs they do.
Syntax Word order ­ how the sentence is organised.
Organisation of the words
Semantics Study of word meaning. Semantic field ­ words
of a similar meaning.
Pragmatics What affects the meaning of a text, audience and
genre. How the meaning of a word may change
according to the context.
Phonology Study of sounds. How the text sounds.
E.g. alliteration, rhyme, onomatopoeia.
Graphology Study of appearances.…read more


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