Emmeline Pankhurst 

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  • Emmeline Pankhurst
    • born on 14th of July 1858
    • her parent got her in to politics at 8 as well as the women movement
    • founded the women's social and political union in 1903
    • she was arrested many time for violence at the suffragette movements
    • she went of a hunger strike in prison
    • 1889 set up the womens franchise league it aimed to give women the right to vote in local elections
    • 1913 passed the cat and mouse act that released people on hunger strikes till they regained there strength
    • 1918 women aged 30 got the right to vote
    • in 1928 women get to vote at 21 (same age as men)
    • 14th of june 1928 she dies aged 69


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