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MASH­ metal + acid--salt + hydrogen

1man + wife--mini him + her
Group 1 metal + water--metal hydroxide + hydrogen

Acids can't stand cold water
Acid + carbonate (metal) - salt + co2 + water

Mad otters always sing wonderfully
Metal oxide + acid--salt + water

Acid + alkali--salt…

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Metal + oxide = metal oxide
Lithium­ red
Calcium­ orange/red
Lithium­ orange/yellow
Copper­ green
Potassium­ lilac
Magnesium­ bright white sparks

Halogens--toxic vapours
Chlorine­ orange yellow
Bromine0 green
Iodine­ purple/pink

Group 1 metal-
Highly reactive ­ stored in oil, low melting point and low density, form strongly alkaline hydroxides.
Group 2­…

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Fossil fuels­ coal oil and gas­ formed from plant and animal remain millions years ago.
Crude oil­ a mixture of hydrocarbons--gases, liquids or solids.
Hydrocarbon­ a compound of hydrogen and carbon only.
Fraction distillation­ the method used to separate crude oil. Produces gas, petrol
Fractional column­ the temp is hot…


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