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Why do some pressure groups have more success than others?

Defining success when it comes to pressure groups:
Have they managed to change/influence government policy? (policy-making
Have they successfully made the public aware of an issue/pushed it up in the
political agenda? (agenda-setting power)
Have they changed public perception/opinions/behaviour…

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Size of pressure group
According to pluralists, bigger pressure groups are more powerful because they believe
power is democratically based. There are definitely some advantages to having a big
pressure group.
If a pressure group has masses of supporters, they can claim to represent the
opinion of the general public.…

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Public support
Groups with greater public support enjoy a greater influence than those with only
a small amount of support.
Governments have to listen to groups with popular support quite frankly because
they will potentially lose out on voters if they ignore such a large amount of the


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