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L Laissez Faire `No interference'
A Assembly Line Mass Production
C Credit Pay in installments
K Knowledge New inventions
P Position of USA WW1
A Advertising Encouraged people
N New Consumer Goods New trend
T Tariffs USA goods more popular
S Share confidence Invested in companies…read more

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Laissez Faire
This meant `no interference'
This was the policy of the Republican Presidents
The Republicans were Harding, Coolidge,
They didn't interfere in businesses and kept
taxes low…read more

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Assembly Line
Was also called Mass Production
Invented by Henry Ford…read more

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Allowed customers to pay for consumer goods
(like cars and refrigerators) in installments
This made people but more consumer goods on
credit…read more

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More inventions made
Many inventions were developed (like
electricity)…read more

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