The 1920s

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How was the boom visible in the 1920s?

  • Boom was mainly made up of new industries like: Plastics and man made fibers that had a range of uses and could be sold cheaply, mass produced cars that could be sold cheaply and that opened up new industries for glass, rubber, and steel, and the chemical industry that made fertilizers.
  • The electrical industry boomed. The electrification of America had begun, in 1929 70 per cent of all homes had electric lights and factories were run by electricity. Electricity led to the production of domestic goods such as hoovers, cookers, radios etc.
  • Transport industry boomed too. The number of roads had doubled, and they were not only being used by the huge increase in cars, but also by trucks and buses. The civil aircraft also made its first appearance, making 162,000 flights by 1929. 
  • The construction industry also boomed. There was a calling for more factories, office buildings for the new companies, and showrooms for cars and etc. This was the age of the skyscrapers, as the confidence in the companies grew they saught to demonstrate their power through huge skyscrapers. More school…


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