A Powerpoint detailing outlines and case law for 2 topics in section A (DL and SI) and 1 topic in section B (Criminal Courts and Lay People)

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Excellent resource detailing all three topics. Includes a compilation of relevant case law and 'stretch and challenge' points to really improve those essays. Past paper analysis also included within this resource - absolutely excellent. 

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Thank you, this has been very helpful in making my notes! thank you so much!!!



Wonderful. You are a lifesaver. Please keep this noble work going especially during this lockdown period. Great!



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Talia Eddy


Do you have anything on judges in criminal court along with their advantages and disadvantages??

Peter Bately


Great case study, This is very thorough, and consider this one of your primary examples. Do not forget to "Test Yoursefl" a few times too.

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