Who helped Elizabeth rule?

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Who helped Elizabeth rule?
Privy Council
Secretary of State:
o The Queen's principal adviser, the Secretary of State was expected to deal
with any state matter or administrative problem that arose.
o William Cecil held the post from 1558 to 1573.
o Robert Cecil and his father shared the post from 1591 to 1596 when Robert
Cecil took over officially.
o The principal secretary was in continual contact with the Queen and, as all her
correspondence passed through him; he controlled written access to her.
Lord Chamberlain:
o The Lord Chamberlain ran the household, supervised appointments and
controlled access to the Privy Chamber.
Lord Treasurer:
o The Lord Treasurer was responsible for keeping England solvent (out of debt).
o He administered ordinary revenues and kept government expenditure within
o The post was held by the Marquis of Winchester until 1572, when Burghley
took over.
What were the Queen's powers?
She had the right to imprison MPs.
The use of the Royal Veto.
She had the power of delaying Bills.
The Queen alone could summon or dismiss Parliament when she saw fit.
How many times did they meet?
o Not regularly and only for short periods.
o 13 times in 44 years.
Who were the MPs?
o Two knights from each county.
o Two Burgesses from each borough.
o Usually elected through nomination by the Crown or a prominent nobleman
or gentleman.
o Household's main function was to attend the monarch and provide her with
personal attendants and companions.


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