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What was the
Cuban Missile
How did the Cuban Missile Crisis
affect Superpower Relations?
Why did it create so much fear and
tension?…read more

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What happened?
· The USA had played a large part in Cuba's history
since 1933 when it helped Cuban military officer
Fulgencio Batista to take power
· When Batista was overthrown in 1959 by Fidel
Castro, the USA was worried ­ after all, Castro was
a communist who began appointing communists
into the government. He also signed a trade
agreement with the Soviet Union…read more

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What did Kennedy do about
· The Bay of Pigs Invasion was an unsuccessful
attempt by United States-backed Cuban exiles to
overthrow the government of Castro
· On April 17, 1961 about 1300 exiles, armed with
U.S. weapons, landed at the Bahía de Cochinos
(Bay of Pigs) on the southern coast of Cuba. It was
evident from the first hours of fighting, however,
that the exiles were likely to lose. President
Kennedy had the option of using the U.S. Air Force
against the Cubans but decided against it.
Consequently, the invasion was stopped by
Castro's army.…read more

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The Bay of Pigs operation, as it
became known, was a disastrous
failure. It worsened relations
between the USA and Cuba and
drove Castro closer to the Soviet
· Khruschev then agreed to
station Ballistic Missiles on Cuba
(N.B - America already had military
bases in Turkey and Italy)
· In October 1962 US spy planes
identified nuclear missile sites…read more

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Why was it a BIG problem?
· If Khrushchev was to fire these
missiles at the USA, they had the
power to kill over 80 million
· If the USSR did attack, the USA would
have to respond, which could lead to
MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction)
· Which means the END OF THE…read more

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So if the
Soviets were
to deploy
missiles in
Cuba, they
would reach
as far as
Canada!…read more

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