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What are the Differences and Similarities between
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Psychodynamic
Interpersonal Therapy)?
By Nikita May

Within counselling there are many different types of therapy this essay shall concentrate on two of the most
prominent which are Cognitive behaviour therapy (C.B.T)and Psychodynamic interpersonal therapy (P.I.T).To
understand these this paper…

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people have persistent selfdefeating thoughts that are irrational. According to Ellis, irrational thoughts that may
cause needless upset can be identified when we catch ourselves thinking `should' or `must' in ways that are
subjective and judgmental.
REBT aims to challenge this way of thinking by showing the client how to…

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Personal Interpersonal Therapy (P.I.T) war developed by Dr Robert Hobson and Dr Russell Meares also
known as a 'Conversational Model'. P.I.T is an integrative approach as it takes different parts and models
from other therapies to form one therapy.
The first of the components to form P.I.T was 'Attachment Theory'…

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represents everything they share with others and does not cause anxiety. The Notme is found in our
unconscious and are so anxiety provoking we do not even consider them part of ourselves.

Hobson used many parts of this approach but Hobson's main focus of introducing this new approach was…

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4.Faris A, & Ooijen E V (2012) Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy a Rational Approach.
London,Thousand Oaks, New Deli, Sage Publications











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