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· Only small % of water on Earth is drinkable
· Water is continually circulated by the water
cycle ­ driven by energy from the sun
· Water can be purified in 2 ways, that are?
· Drinking water sources need to be away from
possible pollution problems ­ like what?…read more

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Water Cycle…read more

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Obtaining Drinking Water
· Water is filtered (large pieces removed)
· Filter beds ­ sand and activated charcoal.
The charcoal improves taste and removes
unpleasant odours
· Finally disinfected with Chlorine ­ removes
bacteria, viruses, protozoa and
cryptosporidia…read more

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· Some countries distil seawater ­ as
long as they have plenty of fuel
available cheaply because it takes a
lot of energy!!
· Seawater is heated, only the pure
water is evaporated and then
condensed and collected…read more

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· Adding fluorine to water is called
· Improved dental health by decreasing
tooth decay
· Too much fluorine can leave teeth
mottled and stained
· Scientists believe benefits out way
risks but some human rights groups
disagree!!…read more


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