Was Henry VIII a Tyrant?

Finally, I could not be more than pleased to upload my essay to The Student Room. Though much criticism would be produced at the hint of the title, this is a detailed research paper presenting the acts one of the greatest kings had done. Some are great, while others are mediocre.

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Was Henry VIII a Tyrant?

Knowing that Henry VIII was truly a tyrant is a sucker punch for the innumerable who are

earnestly eager to know about him. Henry VIII has succeeded his father, Henry VII, who was the

founder of the Tudor dynasty, and was born from…

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second wife, Anne Boleyn, of cheating on him with disproved proofs of the forced confession of Mark

Smeaton (Anne Boleyn's brother) and of Anne sleeping with her brother (Leithead 16). Alison Weir

also expressed in her other book The Six Wives of Henry VIII that he disliked his…

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mistress. The Hampton Court Palace website conveys, "Finally, when Anne Boleyn was still queen,

Mary Shelton, Anne's first cousin, became his own mistress..." ("Hampton" 3).

Second, King Henry the Eight used horrible ways to suppress his enemies and rivals, concocting

a depicting image based on his killings after…

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chaplains and tutors, as a repercussion. Another reason is adultery, which involved accusations against

persons like the wives of the King, like Anne Boleyn for not having a male kid (Morrill 4). Finally,

several were accused of heresy (adherence to a religious opinion contrary to church dogma). John…

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addition a history author remarked that Henry's daughter Mary, who was a strict Catholic, was

announced illegitimate by the King after Rome's breach (Derderfield 73).

Of course, Henry's influence on people was nevertheless great and took many to be his fans

while it put others on fire. Surprisingly,…

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