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Key Features
* The greatest good for the greatest number first termed by Francis Hutchinson

> Teleological determined by consequences

> Single principle ethic

> Hedonic pleasure seeking

> Democratic majority determines what is right

> Secular ethic not based on God

> Egalitarian everyone equal. Bentham…

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> Humanity's primary concern should be for the 'higher order of things'
> Said 'It is better to be a dissatisfied Socrates than a fool satisfied'
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Nina Rosenstand
Utilitarianism in the Work Place
> Contemporary philosopher
> In hospitals QUALY (quality, life, adjusted years), used to determine…

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Scholarly Opinion
J C C Smart: Pro Utilitarianism
> It has its weaknesses but no moral system is perfect
> Sometimes acting for the greatest number can cause short term suffering a reasonable exchange
> Utilitarianism offers an objective basis for making moral decisions
Bernard Williams: Anti Utilitarianism
> It…

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Utilitarianism teleological ethical theory
(from an A grade answer)

Based on the principle of utility defines the sole intrinsic good as happiness or pleasure and the goal of
a moral action as the creation of the greatest happiness for the greatest number outlined by Jeremy
Bentham and J.S Mill…

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