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The Mendip Hills and the Yorkshire Dales are mainly made of a rock called
limestone. When limestone is dug out of the ground it's great for building stuff like
houses and churches from. You need Limestone to make morter, concrete,
cement and even glass.…read more

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Limestone is Used as a Building Material
1) Limestone is a bit of a boring grey/white colour. It's often formed from sea
shells and although the original shells are mostly crushed, there are still quite
a few fossilised shells remaining.
2) It's quarried out of the ground. This causes some environmental problems
3) It's great for making into blocks for building with. Fine old buildings like
cathedrals are often made purely from limestone blocks. It's also used for
statues and fancy carved bits on nice buildings too.
4) Limestone's virtually insoluble in plain water. But acid rain is a big problem.
The acid reacts with the limesto9ne and dissolves it away.
5) Limestone can also be crushed up into chippings and used in road
surfacing.…read more

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Limestone is Mainly Calcium Carbonate.
Limestone is mainly CaO3 ­ When heated it thermally decomposes to make
calcium oxide or commonly known as Quicklime and Carbon Dioxide.
Calcium Carbonate Calcium Oxide Carbon Dioxide
(limestone) (quicklime)
CaCO3(s) CaO(s) + CO2(g)…read more


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