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Prims Algorithm
Step 1

Choose a start vertex.

Step 2

Connect the start vertex to the nearest new vertex by adding the shortest

Step 3

From any vertex on the tree so far, add the shortest edge that connects a new

Step 4

Repeat step 3 until all…

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Kruskal's Algorithm
Step 1

List the edges in order of weight, smallest first.

Step 2

Choose the edge with the smallest weight

Step 3

From the remaining edges, choose the edge with the smallest weight, as long
as it does not form a cycle with the edges already chosen.


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Travelling Salesperson
Real world problem: Visit all the towns (vertices) and get back to the start.
The solution must be a complete cycle.


Upper Bound
Nearest Neighbour

# start at a vertex.

# go to the closest vertex you haven't been to yet.

# from the current vertex, go…


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