Unit 2 dates

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1865 slavery ended
18501914= 14 million people came to America
1911 2% were not allowed in
1917 USA joined war 1
1919 Soldiers were demobbed
1926 highest standard of living
1929 70%had electric lights
1920 40m cinema tickets were sold each week,
1930 100m
1913 one care every 3 minutes
1920 1 car every 10 seconds
1914 Ford doubled wages
$1200 car
1928 around $300 model T
1928 15m produced
1 in 12 workers were linked to the car industry
1920 made 1.9m
1920 4.5 m
1929 1 car for every 5 Americans
1920s jazz age
1921 there was just one licensed radio station.
1923508 licensed stations
End of 20s 10m women were being employed
1921 boll weevil (bug which feeds off cotton) destroyed 30% of crops
15th April 1920 Fred Parmenter
5 may 1920 Sacco and Vanzetti were arrested
Trial lasted 45 days
They were executed in 1927
1920 ku Klux Klan had 100,000 members
1925 had 5m members
John Scopes trial July 1925 fined $100
Prohibition Jan 1920 Dec 1933
1930 Al Capone practically owned city made 60m from prohibition
Thursday 24th October 1929 `Black Thursday' around 13m pounds worth of shares
were sold
Tuesday 29th 1929 Wall Street Crash
1920's income less than $2000 a year
1933 14 million were unemployed (a quarter of workforce)
1933 1 in 4 men had a job
19301936= dust bowl
Bonus march 1932 over soldiers bonus/pension
100 days of congress 8th march 16th June 1933
1930 5000 banks were forced to close
FERA federal emergency relief administration $500 million was given to state to give
direct assistance to poor soup kitchens

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AAA Agriculture adjustment administration pay farmers to produce less so they could
have a higher demand make profit
CCC Civilian conservation corps help men under 25, gave home and clothes and $1
a day clearing forests
TVA Tennessee valley authority built 33 dams to prevent flooding. Trees planted
helped three states
(Second new deal) social security act over 65 had a pension, unemployed benefits. If
lost jobs had a little money given to them by employers and employees.…read more

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Confidence in banks
Created jobs
1933 13 million unemployed,
1940 8 million
New deal didn't solve unemployment issues
It was the second word war which brought down the unemployment.…read more


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