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1865 slavery ended
18501914= 14 million people came to America
1911 2% were not allowed in
1917 USA joined war 1
1919 Soldiers were demobbed
1926 highest standard of living
1929 70%had electric lights
1920 40m cinema tickets were sold each week,
1930 100m
1913 one care every 3 minutes…

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AAA Agriculture adjustment administration pay farmers to produce less so they could
have a higher demand make profit
CCC Civilian conservation corps help men under 25, gave home and clothes and $1
a day clearing forests
TVA Tennessee valley authority built 33 dams to prevent flooding. Trees planted
helped three…

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restore banking system
Confidence in banks
Created jobs
1933 13 million unemployed,
1940 8 million
New deal didn't solve unemployment issues

It was the second word war which brought down the unemployment. \
Supplied other countries with supply $50 billion worth of food, equipment and weapons
It was luck!


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