Religion and Human Rights

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6.1 Rights and Responsibilities

·         Rights: entitlements that all people should have

·         Responsibility: legal or moral duty which a person has

Bill of Rights grants: freedom from cruel punishment, freedom of speech, freedom to petition

6.2 Religious Attitudes towards the Law and Human Rights

·         Law: system or rules enforced by a country’s legal system with consequences for those who break them

·         Human Rights: basic rights and freedoms to which all human beings should be entitled

6.3 Human Rights Legislation

·         United Nations Declaration of Human Rights: document produced by United Nations setting out rights that all people should be entitled to

·         Human Rights Act: act of parliament passed in 1998 which says that all organisations have a duty to protect the rights of all individuals in the UK

6.4 Children’s Rights and Support

·         Abuse: harmful treatment of someone, bad or wrong use of something

·         Legal Rights: rights that are laid down as an entitlement by law

Childline, people help children to solve their problems and get them the right help that…


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