Different Families and Households

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  • Different Families and Households
    • Classic Extended Family
      • Consists of several family members who live in the same house, street or area; see eachother daily.
    • House share
      • involves people living together who are not related such as students or friends
    • Reconstituted Family
      • Type of family which has the nuclear structure with children from previous spouses and present spouse. Increased in last 20 years.
    • Single Household
      • Where only one person lives in a house
    • Modified extended family
      • Where families live a distance away from eachother but stay in contact through technology.
    • Traditional Nuclear Family
      • Contains just 2  generations - contains an adult hetrosexual couple and their children living in the same house.
    • Beanpole family
      • A family whose living members come from many different generations but there aren't many of them.
    • Household
      • a residence for one person or a group who can be family or unrelated and live under the same roof
    • Family
      • A unit of people that are related by blood or law, eg marriage or adoption.
    • Single Parent Family
      • When children are raised by only one parent, this has become recently more popular due to divorce and relaxing among society.
    • Extended Family
      • A grouping of all kin, being grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins etc
    • Cohabiting Family
      • A type of nuclear family, however the parents may not be married.


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