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Social Points for outline/description Points for evaluation
Outline and Normative influence Research on relationship
evaluate · Based on human's need for between people's normative
normative and social companionship and fear behaviour and likelihood of
informational of rejection, i.e. gain approval them taking up smoking.
social influence and avoid rejection.…

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cultures e.g. Africa and Asia at
· Suggested that there is a higher
conformity rate in collectivist
cultures as its view more
positively as it brings people
Outline and Zimbardo Conformity to roles isn't
evaluate · To observe the interaction automatic
Zimbardo's between the 2 groups in the…

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Outline and Milgram Ethical issues
evaluate · PPs told it was a study on how · Lack of concern for wellbeing of
research into punishment affects learning. PPs.
obedience · 2 confeds, experimenter and · Deceived, not saying really purpose.
`other participant' Making it impossible for PP to make

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training and reinforced by the
military structure.
Outline and F scale
evaluate the · AP, possible explanation why ·
authoritarian some require little pressure to ·
personality obey. FS used to measure ·
explanation of components that make up AP.
obedience · Agreeing to the questions was ·
indicative authoritarian…

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Outline and
evaluate the · ·
role of social · ·
influence · ·
processes in
social control · ·

Memory Points for outline/description Points for evaluation
Outline and STM = Immediate events, measured in Ca: Individual differences
evaluate the secs and mins (short duration), disappear · Not same for…

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· Suggesting STM largely encoded
Outline and LTM = Memory for events in the past, Cod: LTM may not be exclusively
evaluate the lasts from 2mins to 100yrs, semantic
nature of long potentially unlimited duration and · May not be true that its always
term memory capacity and tends…

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Outline and SR Supporting: Brain scans
evaluate the · Where info is held at each of the · Controlled lab studies on Ca, Du &
multi store senses. En support existence of separate
model of · Capacity is very large. STM & LTM stores = basis of MSM.
memory ·…

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Outline and Basis of WMM, preforming 2 visual tasks Evidence from braindamaged
evaluate the at same time you do worse than if patients (strengths)
working you were to do two different types · KF, shortterm forgetting of auditory
memory model (e.g. a visual and sound task) then info was better…

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Outline and Episodic Distinguishing procedural and
evaluate types · Explicit declarative memories
pf long term · `knowing that' · HM study = ability to form new LTM
memory · Personal experience was affected by destruction of the
· May recall the time, place and who hippocampus but retained
was there.…

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Outline and Leading questions Supporting evidence for effect of
evaluate · 45 students, shown 7 different traffic MI
research into accident films, questionnaire, · Students asked to evaluate
the effect of important q: one group were given advertising material about Disney.
misleading question with "hit", the other 4 were ·…


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