Types of External Devices

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Peripheral Advantages Disadvantages Impacts
MICR (Magnetic Less errors Can break down Banks spend less on
Ink Character More efficient Cheque may be lost wages. Cheques can be
Recognition) Cheques get paid Less secure processed quicker.
OCR (Optical Can scan Scans may be invalid Companies can
Character documents faster due to mis-prints retrieve, send, and
Recognition) than humans can Documents could scan documents onto
Able to record data become damaged in systems and record the
on paper and save the process. data far more
to a computer. efficiently/effectively
than if it were done
manually. This in-turn
helps the overall
efficiency of the
OMR (Optical Can scan Can break down Able to get through
Mark documents such as Document could get test papers much
Recognition) test papers damaged from faster. Examining
automatically. device boards can mark test
It is fast and more May be improperly papers more efficiently
reliable than human scanned, ruining the and more reliably.
intervention. scan
Plotters (similar Able to print large Limited to line More accurate printing
to printers) scale photographs drawing due to pen leads to better quality
Very effective in not lifted off page. prints. Due to price,
the CAD industry Old technology; may affect finances in
Prints more obsolete small businesses.
accurately than Cost a lot of money
conventional Large in size
Actuators Able to automated Lots of moving parts, Able to produce items
production lines potentially unreliable at a faster rate. Can be
effectively May depend too used effectively within
No staff required much on the devices, a business to maximise
so save money so in event of break profits, (low cost, high
down, production productivity)
Sensors Quickly converts May be unreliable Can be sued to quickly
electrical/physical from human error gain results from
signals into Sensors may break physics related science
readable data down experiments, or even
Cheap/widely used Rely on electricity measure the
Available in which might not be radioactivity of a
different types, available particular material. It
(infrared/objects/s helps with the accuracy
ound) of the data and the

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MICR is a device which is used to read code/numbers written in magnetic ink on
classified documents such as cheques or bank statements.
OCR is a device that scans documents and pictures and can register the data on
them and recognise particular features on the scan, (words, people, and data).…read more


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