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Waterfall model: The waterfall model is the most widely recognised model to
show the systems development life-cycle as it shows every step.
Spiral model: This model is not as common as the waterfall model and shows
the stages in a more direct order where once it has been completed the cycle can be
repeated for application updates.
Problems Definition: Establishing ­ between the vendor and the client ­ what
the problem that needs to be solved is.…read more

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User documentation: User documentation is the system/applications manual which
comes with the software/system. With software, it sometimes comes as a
"README" file, as a rich text format.
Technical Documentation: Technical documentation describes to the user/vendor
the handling, functionality, and architecture in detail of a technical product.
Types of software selling methods:
"Off the shelf": Software that is sold in mass in stores such as PC World and
other computer related indicia retail outlets.…read more

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