Types of destination

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Types of destination Example of destination in the Characters of destination
Places of historical interest London Houses of parliament
Big Ben
Royal residence
Tower of London
Countryside coastal areas Dorset Camping sites
Countryside towns Dorset Land marks
National parks Peek district Open space
Lake district Lakes
Protected by the national
government from buildings
and pollution
Area of outstanding natural Chilterns Lots of hills and countryside
beauty protected by law not to be
built on or developed
Towns and cities London Capital of England lots of
buildings old and modern lots
of visitor attractions
Theme parks Berkshire Open space by the motor way
with a lake next to it
Lots of rides for people to go
National parks

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What is leisure?
Leisure is what people do in there free time
What are facilities and services?
A facility and a service is the place where you go to get the service
What is a product?
Name 6 ways people may use their leisure time?
Children's play activities
Countryside recreation
Home based leisure
Arts and entertainment
Visitor attractions
Sports and physical education
Why do people have more leisure time now, compared to 100 years ago?
People have more leisure time now because of annual…read more

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What is leisure centres "programming mix"?
What facilities provide for home-based leisure?
The facilities that provide for home based leisure are libraries and film
What other factors affect people's choice of leisure activities?
The factors that affect peoples choice of leisure is how much money they
have got, access to travel and access to the facility
What employment opportunities are there in Leisure?
The employment opportunities in the leisure industry are park rangers,
lifeguards, tour guide, and librarian…read more


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