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GCSE Statistics
Lesson Objective: The Collection of Data…read more

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Types Of Data
Variable Measurement or observation
Shoe size 38, 39, 40, 41, 42
Height 169 cm, 178 cm, 183 cm, 185 cm
Eye Colour blue, brown, green
Quantitative or qualitative variable?
·Quantitative Variables have numerical observations or measurements
· Qualitative Variables have non-numerical observations
·Continuous Data are measured on a scale and can take any value
·Discrete Data, are in most cases, concerned with a number of countable values
Gender is a qualitative and it is discrete
Height is quantitative and it is continuous…read more

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· Mr Jones has just bought a new car. Write
down three variables, each associated with a
car which give rise to each of the following
types of data:
(a) Quantitative
(b) Qualitative
(c) Continuous
(d) Discrete…read more

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(a) mileage, number of passengers and engine
(b) type, registration and colour
(c) age, length and miles per gallon
(d) number of seats, number of doors and
purchase prise…read more

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Exam style questions
· 1) Penny spends 45 minutes writing an essay. Is the
45 minutes a discrete or a continuous variable.
Explain your answer:
· 2) Joanne bought a coat last week. Describe a
variable associated with the coat that is:
(a) discrete
(b) qualitative
(c) continuous…read more

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Answers/Mark Scheme
· 1) Continuous because time is measured
· 2) Examples are:
(a) size
(b) colour
(c) length…read more


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