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By the end of this lesson you will be
able to to explain what transpiration is
and the environmental factors which
affect it.…read more

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Plants have stomata to obtain carbon dioxide from the
· Plants lose water vapour from the surface of their leaves.
This loss of water vapour is called transpiration.
· Transpiration is more rapid in hot, dry and windy
· Most of the transpiration is through stomata.
· The size of stomata is controlled by guard cells which
surround them.
· If plants lose water faster than it is replaced by the
roots, the stomata can close to prevent wilting.…read more

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It is said that a mature tree has the
cooling effect of 10 air conditioning units.
Use your science knowledge to explain if
this statement could be true.
Measuring the rate of water uptake:
1.Present your data or data on p19 as a graph
2.Does it show a pattern? If yes, what is it?
3.Why does this show water uptake rather than
4.How would the data differ if the conditions were:
a.cold, humid and still
b.warm, dry and windy…read more

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