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Transforming Trig Curves…read more

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y=sin(2x) Alters the
wavelength. Forces the curve to
repeat itself twice over the
period of 360. Multiply x co
ordinate by½.…read more

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y=2Sin x Sine graph
amplitude is twice as big as the y
co-ordinates have been
multiplied by 2.
Sine graph moves 30
to the left
Sine graph moves 30 to
the right…read more

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y=Sin x-2 Sine
graph moves down by
2 values
y=Sin x+2- Sine
graph moves up by 2
values…read more

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y=½ Sin x
Sine graph appears shrunk
as y values have halved
x values have been
doubled…read more

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This is the graph
The amplitude has
been multiplied by
The graph has
been moved up by
The wavelengths
have been
increased by 2
The graph has
been moved to the
right by 120…read more


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