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Key Organisations/Figures and their influence…read more

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Organisations…read more

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Knights of Labour
Founded in 1869 by Uriah Smith Stephens
Achieved some success (attracted
membership of the National Labor Union
Aimed to remove barriers of racial and cultural
origin imposed by current unions
Reputation was destroyed after the violence of
the Haymarket Affair in 1886…read more

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American Federation of Labor
Replaced KOL after foundation in 1886
1st successful national labour federation
seeking to link all unions; became the largest
Samuel Gompers was the leader- argued that
they had to stand up to large corporations by
use of bargaining power
Sought reform through legislation but also
striked and boycotted to gain momentum…read more

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Industrial Workers of the World
Set up in 1905
Known as the `Wobblies'
Militant organisation
Defended rights of poor and illiterate workers
like immigrants
Strength was broken by 1924 due to divisions…read more

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Brotherhood of Sleeping Car
Labour union organised by African Americans
who worked for the Pullman Company
From 1925, for 12 years they struggled to win
their first collective bargaining agreement
Accepted by AFL in 1935
Led by A. Philip Randolph…read more

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