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The claimant must mitigate their loss. For example hiring an ordinary car rather
than a Mercedes, Not having private treatment if NHS treatment is available.
There are 2 types of damages
Special Damages ­ Specific ­ can calculate
Special damages cover expenses up until the start of the trail. this covers
pecuniary losses i.e. things that have a specific value e.g. lost wages for 6
weeks , cost of repairing your car , prescription charges , things you can provide
a receipts for .…read more

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Scenario 1
Asif and Dave are playing cricket in a field outside the factory where they work. The company Dazzle
Glass are putting on an outside event for local primary children in an area adjacent to the field where
Asif and Dave are playing cricket. The event features some glass art where the exhibits are being
shown to the children. Asif bowls a fast ball to Dave who hits the ball out of the field smashing one of
the art exhibits.…read more

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In this scenario the injuries to Sarah and Daniel from smashing
of art was reasonably foreseeable.
The thin skull rule is that you take your victims as you find them as the victims were primary school children,
it would have been likely that broken glass would have caused injuries.
Scenario 2
Radha's has been to Bestbuys Supermarket and is leaving the store with her trolley full to
the top.…read more

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Finally Bestbuys could have easily taken precautions which have incurred no cost by cleaning up the oil, or to
put signs up warning people. A reasonable and prudent expert would have done this and therefore Bestbuys
have fallen below the standards of the reasonable expert.
To prove that Bestbuys caused the damage suffered by Radha it is a simple case of causation.…read more


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