Topic 2 Education: The research context

This isn't much guys its basically the topic 2 of research methods.
I have written out everything I have highlighted in my text book so it basically cuts the ****!
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Researching education...
There are five areas in education that we can look at studying..
1) Researching pupils
Need to be aware of:
Power and status
Children and young people have less power status than adults.
Makes it more difficult to state their views openly.
School are hierarchy institution.
Would need to consider how to overcome this.
Vocab, Selfexpression, thinking skills and confidence is limited
Need to make sure the pupil understands the questions correctly.
May not be able to explain the research clearly enough for the child to understand.
Vulnerability and ethical issues
Limited power and ability
More vulnerable to physical and psychological harm
Child should have consent however may not understand
Need to think about child protection
2) Researching teachers
Need to be aware of:
Teachers have more power and status
Teachers have more responsibility and experience
Legal duties to care for students
'My classroom'
Researcher may be viewed as a trespasser
Teachers are often overworked and less cooperative
Teachers know how to `put on a show'.
3) Researching classrooms
Need to be aware of:
Classrooms are highly controlled settings
Restrictions on access and behaviour
Teachers controls most of classroom
Teachers and pupils are used to concealing there feelings in class, may affect the way they
respond to research
4) Researching schools
Students may see researchers as teachers and teachers may see them as inspectors
Researcher may be seen as `the enemy'.
Some schools may refuse access and say that it will interfere with work
Some places of the school may be off limit
School records are confidential and researchers may not be able to gain access to them
Many schools are single sex which means the sex or the researcher needs to be the same
Schools can have weekly or yearly timetables restricting what time they can research.
5) Researching parents
Involvment in the school
Because parents are outside of school hard to find the opportunity to research them
Can't see how much they help a child with homework
Middle class parents are also more likely to take part in research which makes the research


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