Top-Down Approach

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Aim: To test the reliability of the organised and disorganised typologies.
Method: Content analysis of 100 cases of 100 serial sexual homicides in the US.
Procedure: 100 cases analysed to see if the behaviours hypothesised to belong to organised and disorganised are
consistent and distinctive. Every 3rd crime of each serial murderer was analysed. Crime Classification Manual used to
classify crimes as organised or disorganised as far as possible based on interviews.
Findings: Statistical analysis failed to separate the variables of disorganised and organised crimes. Twice as many
disorganised crime scene actions as organised crimes found- easier to identify or more common.
Conclusions: No distinction between the 2 types of serial murder as all crimes have an organised element about it.
Canter suggests that looking at the individual differences is a better method.


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