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Token Economy
Jessica Proctor…read more

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What is token economy?
A programme which helps change
behaviour in institutions.
Uses operant conditioning to positively
reinforce positive behaviour.
Learning theories suggest that once a
desired behaviour has been achieved
and reinforced it would be generalisable
outside the institution.…read more

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More about token
TOKENS act as REWARDS and can then be used to
purchase something that is desired ­ this is the `token'
part of the therapy
People are `paid' in tokens as a reward for acting in a
DESIRED way ­ this is the `economy' part of the
It is a `programme' because there has to be a plan ­
the people involved have to be clear about what is to
be rewarded and by how much each time…read more

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Where it is done?
Prisons…read more

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The 8 Stages
Stage 1
Identify the behaviour that has to be changed
Stage 2
Select the tokens and decide what they can be
exchanged for…read more

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Stage 3
Make sure that the tokens or `points' buy
significant rewards
Stage 4
Set goals that are
achievable…read more

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