Psy treatments for SZ

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  • Psychological Treatments SZ
    • cognitive treatment
      • Treatment = patient modify beliefs. SZ behaviour controlled- delusions from faulty thinking of events. CBT correct these
      • CBT challenges delusory beliefs
        • designing 'experiments' to test reality
      • Understanding where symptoms originate= key to relieve anxiety
      • develop own maladaptive coping
      • CBT 1 every 10 days 12 sessions
      • Chadwick and Lowe significant reductions 10/12 patients
      • CBT included basic training psychiatrists
      • Soothing treatment is LT effectiveness due to relationship?
      • Effectiveness
        • Zimmerman CBT better than no treatment at all
        • Drury reduce pos symp + 25%/50% reduce recovery CBT + drug
        • Could meta analysis sig decrease pos
        • CBT good recognising + counteracting relapse. Stressors identified + appropriate response.
        • only effective with drug
        • Not cure 'normalising' symptoms
    • Psychoanalysis
      • Freud believed that a person could be cured by talking about unconscious. Psychoanalysis = release repressed emotions
      • Sullivan and Prat
        • SZ was a way of regressing to childlike state ie. cognition + communication
        • SZ often accompanied by stress ego couldn't deal with. Revert childhood = no responsibility = no stress
        • Sullivans therapy aimed insight past + present. Encouraged learn adult communication. Gradual relationship
      • Effectiveness
        • aims to treat cause solve conflict than mask or reduce symptoms
        • difficult to prove effects on unconscious mind.
          • Fonagy attempts to validate through lab have no validity
        • Reductionist ignore bio that can be cured quickly
        • Drake- therapies with high relationship client = worsens symptoms + hospitalisation
      • Appropriateness
        • Patient only cured when therapist gains insight. Disorder characterised by lack of personal insight = no cure
        • early stages therapy non believers SZ. SZ umbrella term many disorders
    • Behavioural Therapy
      • often used in conjunction with other treatments ie. drugs facilitate return to society/ function in institution
      • ie. token economy- SZ's awarded appropriate behaviour
        • often used in conjunction with other treatments ie. drugs facilitate return to society/ function in institution
      • Ayllon studied wing of mental inst 45 female rewarded for not showing psy behaviour/ showing normal
      • Appropriateness- Paul even strongest supporters not 'cure' just control. Ethics? manipulation?
      • Effectiveness- Gripp token economy improved symptoms. Gershone token economy = suffers less time in bed = function better


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