To Kill A Mockingbird: Atticus


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Not prejudiced "Atticus aims to defend This shows that Atticus isn't just
towards the black him" ­p169. defending Tom Robinson because he had
community and to, but because he believes that Tom is
treats all equally. innocent and wants him to win.
"Don't say nigger, Scout" Atticus doesn't like his children using
­p81. derogatory racist remarks, and makes
Scout use less insulting language.
Polite. "he keeps on callin' me He treats everyone in the same polite
ma'am an' sayin' Miss and respectful way, even with Mayella
Mayella" when in court, which makes Mayella
believe he's mocking her.
`"Mr Arthur, honey," said This shows that not only is he polite, but
Atticus, gently correcting he teaches his children to be polite too.
Teaches his `he read to us' Atticus teaches his children how to read,
children. but also teaches them many other morals
and lessons.
Understanding, "You never really He understands others, and explains to
and can understand a person until Scout how to understand others so that
emphasise with you consider things from he can show her how to be a better
people. his point of view... until person.
you climb into his skin and
walk around in it."
Brave and "Calpurnia's not leaving This shows Atticus being brave and
courageous. this house until she wants
sticking up for Calpurnia, and defending
to." ­p142. her as he believes it is right to do so.
Believes in family. "We decided that it wouldAtticus always tries to have a motherly
be best for you to have figure in his children's life, at first this
some feminine influence."being Calpurnia, followed by Aunt
­p133. Alexandra.
Understands real "Mrs Dubose won... she He knows that there are many types of
courage. was the bravest person I courage, and Mrs Dubose showed
ever knew." ­p118. courage when she died.
Is opposed to "he decided he wouldn't Although Atticus is an excellent
violence. shoot till he had to" marksman, he takes to not shooting
­p104. anything, as he understands the value of
life, and disagrees with violence.
"Atticus had promised me Atticus discourages his children to, and
he would wear me out if dislikes it when his children get into
he ever heard of me scrapes at school, and tries to teach them
fighting any more." violence doesn't solve anything.

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