Thermosetting Plastics

Thermoplastics with pictures + uses

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Thermosetting plastics ­ uses, properties and applications:
Thermosetting Properties Two images of Image of manufacturing
Plastic suitable products process
Urea Formaldehyde (UF) is a cost
effective resin. It
cures quickly and
easily and is scratch
resistant. It is mainly
used for gluing MDF It
together and is injection moulded with a
making light fittings bulk moulding machine. It is
and plug sockets. It different from a normal
is used for this as it injection moulding machine
is very resistant to as it is made to not allow
electricity. the polymer to set while
inside. Another way of
moulding was compression
Polyimide Is a very strong and
very heat and
chemical resistant
polymer. Used in
chemical bottles,
car parts, printed
circuit boards, tape
and parts for light This is a lot like adhesive
aircraft. stuff but with a mould on
the end

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Duroplast This is a light and Compression moulding
strong polymer
which is also
flexible. It is used
for making body
parts for
automobiles. It is
made from cotton
waste and phenol
resin.…read more


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