Materials and properties

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Common Hardwoods part 1

Beech Europe including Britian, white or pinkish brown, with flexs of grain 

Advantages: hard, tough, very strong, withstands wear and shocks, polishes well

Disadvantages: not suitable for outdoors, heavy, difficult to work, warps

Uses: furniture, woodern tools, toys

Mahogany West Africa, light reddish brown

Advantages: plentiful suppy, fairly easy to work, fairly strong, medium weight, durable

Disadvantages: Some interlocking and variable grain, warps, hardness varies

Uses: shop fittings, furniture

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Common Hardwoods part 2

European Oak Europe and Russia, Light to dark brown, silver grain

Advantages: very strong, very durable, hard, tough, finishes well

Disadvantages: heavy, expensive, corrodes iron and steel; leaves blue stains, splits

Uses: boat building, garden furniture, floors, construction work

Teak Burma, India and Thailand, rich golden brown

Advantages: Hard, strong, resistant to moisture, easy to work, does not corrode iron/steel

Disadvantages: Difficult toglue, blunts tools quickly, very expensive

Uses: High class furniture, laboratory benches, veneers

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Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals

Stainless steel corrosion resistance

Uses: sink units, kitchen ware, tanks, pipes, aircraft

Aluminium greyish-white, light, soft, Malleable, heat and electricity conductive

Uses: insulation, electrical conductor

Copper red, tough, malleable

Uses: wires, cables, conductors, water pipes, making Brass

Brass Yellow,very corrosion resistant

Uses: forging, ornaments, valves, propeller

Zinc bluish-white, ductile, protective layer of oxide, easily worked

Uses: making brass, rust proof paints and intricate die castings

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Names of Plastics


Polypropylene hindges well

Polyamide (nylon) machines well

ABS High impact strength, scratch resistant, durable

Thermosetting plastics

Polyester resin goog outdoors, stif, hard

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