Theorists for Britishness, 1A and 1B

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Gauntlett ­ identity is `complicated', `forever in a state of altering flux'
Adorno ­ `identity is pushed upon us by the mass media until we have no alternative option but to
take the dominant ideology'
Anderson ­ `imagined community', can't meet everyone in the country so we share a mental
image of what it means to be British
Althusser ­ interpellation, `as a human we are constructed by pregiven structures, the media
being one'
Chambers ­ `anglocentric' and `backward looking'
Mikhail Bakhtin ­ `individual people cannot be finalised, completely understood, known or
labelled, we are an `unfinalised self''
Gwynfor Evans ­ `Britishness is a political synonym for Englishness'
Henry Jenkins ­ we are now an `interpretive community' of `cultural producers'
James Jasper ­ collective identity is `an individual's moral and emotional connection to a broader
Charlie Brooker ­ more selfish future, technology will break down and destroy the sense of
collective identity
Stuart Hall ­ Reception theory dominant/negotiated/oppositional readings
Branston and Stafford ­ stereotyping `widely circulated ideas or assumptions about particular
James Patterson ­ codes and conventions of thrillers
Media Language
David Bordwell ­ Classic Hollywood Cinema continuity editing subservient to flow of the
narrative, linear narrative of cause and effect, importance of continuous space and time
Ferdinand De Sassure ­ Semiotics signifier/signified
Roland Barthes ­ Enigma codes

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Levi Strauss ­ Binary Opposites good vs evil etc
Todorov ­ equilibrium/disequilirium/reequilibrium
Propp ­ character types hero/villain/princess etc
Effects/Hypodermic Needle Model ­ consumption of media texts has an effect or influence upon a
passive audience
Blumer and Katz ­ Uses and Gratifications Model audience is active and uses texts for its own
Stuart Hall ­ Reception theory
David Gauntlett ­ Pick and Mix theory ­ audience select what to engage with when watching texts
Nicholas Abercrombie ­ `The boundaries between genres are…read more


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