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Is defined under s.1 of the Theft Act (1968) as "dishonestly appropriating property belonging to another with the
intention of permanently depriving the other it".
The next five sections of the act define the meaning of words and phrases used within the definition.
The actus reus: appropriation, of…

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Things in action can be such things as bank accounts. The customer has a right to payment of the amount he
possesses in the account; therefore if the D causes the band to debit another account he was appropriated the
Intangible property refers to property that has no…

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o In Attorney-General's Reference (No.1 of 1983) (1985) the D had received an extra £74.74 from her
employer by mistake. It was held by the CoA that she was under an obligation to make restoration and her
failure to do this meant she was permanently depriving the other of…


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