The Bloody Chamber quotations - The Werewolf

Some quotes for The Werewolf by Angela Carter. I've struggled on this one but maybe you can mae some use of it! Useful for the closed bok exam on Gothic Elements.

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They have cold weather,
they have cold hearts
Take your father's Now the child lived in her
hunter's knife you know grandmother's house, she
how to use it prospered Setting
The devil is as real as you or I
The Werewolf
Wiped the blade
of the knife clean Gossip They dig up fresh corpses and eat them.
on her apron Anyone will tell you that
The devil holds picnics in
the graveyards and invites
the witches
It was no longer a wolf's paw. It was Grandmother/Werewolf
a hand...her grandmother's hand
The wart on the hand [was] a
witch's nipple
red eyes and grizzled chops like a thing possessed


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