The USA 1919 - 1941

I spent some time putting this together through my highlighted notes and summarizing a fair bit from Izzy's pack -

The contents pretty much the same, tweaked a little bit but I thought I'd share this if its easier to use, full credits to Izzy though :D

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The USA 1919 - 1941

The USA during and after WW1

America only joined the first world war when it had to - this was because they didn't want to
get involved in other's affairs.
Before the war Germany had by far the best chemical industry, however when the first…

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One key feature of why the coal industry was stuck in a decline would be electricity power,
which at the time was the new 'thing' and it was spreading all around America. It was
spreading so fast because of its 'lighting fast fuel' perk, not only this but coal was…

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1920 women were given the vote in USA
They had greater freedom due to labour-saving devices and the car
They played a huge part on the ban of alcohol
The symbol of women at the time was the 'flapper'
These 'flappers' would cut their hair short and wear their…

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Racism and Intolerance

As some Americans were experiencing liberation - others were facing intolerance and racism.

Intolerance, these were the four main types -

1. Alcohol intolerance

2. Racist Intolerance

Jim Crow laws

White people were nasty at the time and saw black people as inferior, this committed…

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Made tons of people homeless.

Hoovers actions

Hoover reduced taxes - this mainly just benefited the wealthy
He tried to help the farmers with the Federal farming board, which purchase surplus crops in
an attempt to keep up prices
The federal home loan bank act passed in July 1932 was…

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Fair Labour Standards Act (1938) set hours and conditions of work, it fixed a minimum wage.

Opposition to the new deal

The new deal wasn't loved by all - there's 2 groups, those who think there's too much and those who
thing 'too little'

Too much

The supreme court -…

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Thanks so much, I've got the mock exam tomorrow and I think you've saved me, even though it's kind
of old resource to use its helped me so much!


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