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The UK Constitution
Revision…read more

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What is a constitution?
McNaughton: "A social contract between the people and their
What's included a constitution?
Details on the workings of a political system
Laws on how a country is governed
Rules to maintain civil liberties
The process of amending the constitution…read more

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Codified and Uncodified
Codified: written in a single document, entrenched and
superior to all other laws
Uncodified: A growing collection of documents, laws and
traditions. The UK constitution has developed from
various sources…read more

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Is there a uk constitution
Yes NO
· General sense of constitution · It is Uncodified : how can it be
· Tradition a powerful influenced ­ followed as a superior power
governments reluctant in infringe · Constitutional statues do not have
on independence more authority than other statutes
· Accepted forms of constitutional · Conventional laws cannot be
laws entrenched due to parliamentary
· People vote out governments that sovereigntry:- "1994 Criminal
have offended personal Justice Act overturned the
constitutional principles constitutional right to quiet"…read more

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Sources of the Constitution
Statute law / acts of parliament
Common law / legal president
Prerogative Powers e.g. National Security
Unwritten Conventions e.g. collective ministerial responsibility
Books (works) of Authority e.g. ­ Bagehot
European law e.g. the Maastricht treaty and the Lisbon treaty…read more

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Weaknesses of the UK Constitution
Statute is supreme over other constitutional authorities
An act of parliament can banish the RPP & Common law
Statute is controlled by parliament & parliament
controlled by governing party…read more

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