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The strange situation- Mary
AS Psychology unit 1 aqa a-
developmental…read more

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· To investigate how children react under different
conditions of stress and also to new situations
· To determine their attachment type…read more

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Involved 26 middle class American families, using a
controlled observation that contained 8 stages which
the total experiment lasting 21 minutes
1. Mother baby observer- observer introduces them to
experiment room
2. Mother baby- baby plays
3. Stranger mother baby- stranger enters and after 3
minutes approaches baby
4. Stranger baby- mother leaves, stranger and baby
interact…read more

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5. Mother baby- mother returns and comforts baby,
stranger leaves
6. baby- mother leaves, baby left alone
7. Stranger baby- stranger enters again
8. Mother baby- mother returns and greets baby,
stranger leaves…read more

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Things observed
· Stranger anxiety- baby's reaction to strangers
· Separation anxiety- baby's reaction to being
separated from mother
· Reunion behaviour- baby's reaction to being reunited
with mother…read more

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Type A (insecure avoidant) 22%
· No sign of distress when mother leaves
· Little interest when mother returns
· Okay with stranger and plays normally when stranger
is present
· Mother and stranger can comfort baby equally well…read more

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