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The Rise of Nazism 1929 ­ 1932
The Decline of Weimar
October 1929,
Stresemann died in the same month as the Wall Street Crash. The Great Depression that followed unleashed a political
and economic crisis in Germany that led to the Nazi takeover.
But ... Fundamental Weaknesses before 1929,

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attracted those who had not bothered to vote before. There was an increased turnout at the election from 75.6% to
Impact on Bruning's Government,
The Left and Right wing extremes gained. This made it difficult for proper democratic government to function. With
success at the election, the Nazis gained…

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Reichstag Election: July 1932,
A brutal election campaign marked by street violence in which 86 died in July alone due to political fighting.
This gave Papen and Schleicher the excuse to abolish the powerful regional government of Prussia. This had been a
coalition of the SPD and the ZP and…


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