The Rise And Fall of The Soviet Empire

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The Rise And Fall
The Rise And Fall of The Soviet
Of The
Empire Soviet
Empire…read more

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The Soviet Union
The Soviet Union was formed in the period
1919-22, when the Bolshevik party took control
of the former Russian empire and its states. By
the mid 1920's the Soviet Union extended from
the Polish border to the Pacific Ocean, including
occupied territories in both the West and the
East. Parts of Poland and of China were invaded
and adopted into the Soviet Union.…read more

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The collapse of Soviet control in
Eastern Europe
In December 1991, the Soviet Empire dissolved and
eventually ceased to exist. Although not easy to
explain, the collapse was sudden and dramatic.
The last straw of the demolition of the Soviet
Empire came with the holding of free elections in
Poland in 1989 and the expulsion of the
Communist government. This led to the
revolutions in other Eastern European countries.
By 1990, SSRs such as Estonia and Lithuania had
declared themselves independent of the Soviet
Union .…read more

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Collapse of the Soviet Union
It was now only a matter of time before the Soviet
Union vanished and this came in 1991 with the
establishment of the Commonwealth of
Independent States. The president of the Soviet
Union during this time was Mikhail Gorbachev.
He resigned as president of the USSR and all
Soviet organisations ceased operations as
individual states became independent.…read more

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Was Gorbachev responsible for
the collapse of the Soviet
There are many reasons to argue that he was responsible for
its collapse. First, his policy of Glasnost (greater openness
and transparency in the Soviet government) which meant
that the Communist party lost control of the media,
resulting in them exposing embarrassing truths about its
Secondly, he introduced a policy of Perestroika ( the
restructuring of the Soviet economy) by encouraging
private ownership, had the effect of reducing Soviet control
of the economy.
Overall, Gorbachev was responsible for the fact that the
Soviet Empire collapsed when it did. However, the result
would've been the same if he had done nothing, but with
more bloodshed and chaos.…read more

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1. When did the Soviet Empire collapse?
2. Name one Soviet Socialist Republic which declared itself independent of
the Soviet Union.
3. What is the full name of the president of the Soviet Union at that time?
Mikhail Gorbachev
4. What is the missing word? `It was now only a matter of time before the
Soviet Union vanished and this came in 1991 with the establishment of
the (BLANK) of Independent States.'
Commonwealth…read more

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Fantastic resource, with information clearly divided into separate chunks with clear, concise and detailed information. The quiz questions at the end are also very helpful as is the video.

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