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The Right Word
By Imtiaz Dharker…read more

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· The poem explores the doubt and uncertainty of a post 9/11 world
in terms of language and identity…read more

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· `I haven't got this right'
· `One word for you'
· Use of first person
· Direct address of the reader
· Varying stanza lengths…read more

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Form Explanation:
· Using first and second person to address the reader shows that the
message of the poem is relevant to everyone. The reader is involved
in the poem and therefore is also involved with the themes explored
· The varying stanza lengths reflect the themes of uncertainty and
doubt that pervade the poem. The lack of a formal structure and
pattern show the unpredictability of the post 9/11 era…read more

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· `Terrorist' `Freedom-fighter' `Militant' `Martyr' `Child'
· `Lurking' `Taking shelter' `Lost in the shadows'
· Simple and direct language
· Language changes as poem progresses
· Connotations of threat change to vulnerability…read more

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