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Arguments FOR the ontological argument
· Supported Anselm's second
Norman Malcolm · Agreed with "God is the concept of a
being whose existence is necessary",
not possible to think of a being that
necessarily exists not existing and
therefore Malcolm agrees GOD DOES
· "Possible world's"
· Maximal greatness needs maximal excellence.
Alvin Plantinga
Maximal excellence needs omnipotence,
omniscience and omni benevolence.
· Therefore, there is a possible world in which
there is a being that is max great.
· This being exists.
· There is an all round higher being that is perfect
in our world.
· There is a GOD
· God, to be the greatest being; he has to be the
greatest conceivable being in ALL different
worlds.…read more

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Arguments FOR the ontological argument
· Agrees with Norman Malcolm.
Charles Hartshorne · God has necessary existence and is
not contingent.
· This means God is greater then
contingent beings.
· To have necessary existence a being
must always exist then it is logically
impossible for God not to exist.
Norman Malcolm Alvin Plantinga
Charles Hartshorne…read more

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Who agreed with Norman Malcolm?
Alvin Plantinga
Charles Hartshorne…read more

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What is the main quote used in the
ontological argument?
"Think in the mind God exists, he does
exist too in real life"
"God is something than which nothing greater can
be conceived"
"God does not exist"

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Where did Anselm get the story of the
atheist and the fool (in the bible)?
Genesis Book of Psalms
Luke Matthew…read more

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What fellow believer in God disbelieves in
the argument?
Aquinas Gaunilo
Descartes John Hick…read more

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