The Newtownian World Definitions (G484) (GCE A-Level OCR Physics A)

All of the definitions from the back of the Physics 2 (Cambridge) textbook that you need for the, The Newtonain World exam. The definitions are also animated so that you see the title of the definition, then it doesn't display until you click again, giving you time to think, say, or write your answer before checking.

Works on SkyDrive, Windows Phone and Windows Mobile if you dont have PowerPoint 2007 onwards avaliable.

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This is a guide to all the definitions that you will need for the G484
The Newtonian World exam for GCE OCR Physics A.
The guide is designed so that the title of each definition will appear,
Gravitational Fields
Thermal Physics
Circular Motion
then it will not display the actual definition until you click again,
Ideal Gases
giving you time to either think, say or write out the definition. It's
also great for group revision. It also works great on Windows
Mobile and Windows Phone devices.
Each section also contains an equations list so that you can brush
up on them before the exam. These all appear on one slide at once,
they are not animated.
To begin, simply click your mouse here to go through all the
equations, however, you can also click on one of the topic
areas to the left to go straight to that chapter.
Produced by Martin Palmer. [email protected] Please share!…read more

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Momentum Equations…read more

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The rate of change of the displacement
of an object.…read more

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Linear Momentum
Within a closed system, the total
momentum in any specified direction
remains constant.…read more

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Principle of Conservation of
For a closed system, in any specified
direction, total momentum of objects
before a collision = total momentum of
objects after a collision…read more

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Newton's 1 Law of Motion
An object will remain at rest or keep
travelling at a constant velocity unless it
is acted upon by an external force.…read more

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Preview of page 7

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Preview of page 9

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