The Nazi Party

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The Nazi Party
Birth of the Nazi Party
1919 Hitler joined the German Workers Party.
In 1920 name changes to NSDAP and adopted the 25 point
programme (nationalist and anti Semitic)
Hitler became leader in 1921 and adopted the swastika emblem.
Hitler then set up the SA (brown shirts) as private "army"
Munich Putsch 1923
When the French invaded the Ruhr Hitler decided to try and seize
He planned to first take the Bavarian government and then march
on Berlin.
Hitler took over a Bavarian government meeting but couldn't get
enough support
His march was stopped by armed police.
Aftermath of the Munich Putsch 1923
Hitler ran away but was later arrested and charged with treason.
He used his trial to make long public speeches which were widely
and sympathetically reported.
He got a very lenient sentence of 5 years in Landsberg Prison where
he wrote "Mein Kampf"
Mein Kampf ­ Hitler's Ideas
Aryan race is the master race (social Darwinism).
Aryans should have "lebensraum" (living space) in a new German
All other races inferior (especially Jews).
Treaty of Versailles should be reversed, and Germany and Austria
should join
The Nazi Lean Years

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Germany did well under Stresemann - support for extremists
Hitler served 9 months in prison during which time the Nazi Party
had split and support declined dramatically.
He decided to reform the party on his release in Dec. 1924
Hitler's Reform of the Party
1925 Hitler reorganised and relaunched the NSDAP.
Power was concentrated in the leader. Special sections set up for
students, teachers, Youth and farmers.
Party branches in all major towns - soon 100,000 members.…read more


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