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Book 1: The Anger of Achilles

Main Characters:
Achilles, Agamemnon, Bryseis, Chryseis, Chryses, Apollo, Thetis, Zeus, Hera, Hephaestos

Gods intervention/free will Importance of mortal women Goddesses as wives/mothers

Chryseis and Bryseis were slaves of the Trojans which the Greeks won in battle. They were given to
Agamemnon and…

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Main Characters:
Zeus, Hera, Athene, Pandaros, Agamemnon

God intervention

The gods look out over the city and discuss the fate of the war. Zeus wants to end it, but Hera and
Athene want to see the destruction of Troy due to their anger at not being chosen to…

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Agamemnon, Odysseus, Phoinix, Ajax, Achilles

Heroic Code Old men

There is a meeting in the Greek camp about their impending loss to the Trojans. Agamemnon cries and
wants to give up. Diomedes and Nestor reassure him and convince him to stay. Agamemnon accepts
that he was unwise and…

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Fate God intervention Heroic Code

Patroklos begs Achilles to let him wear his armour. Ajax, one of the only uninjured soldiers left, is forced
backwards by the Trojans and Achilles accepts. However, after sending a prayer to Zeus, Achilles warns
Patroklos not to go too far into Troy.…

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Thetis bring Achilles his new armour and Achilles calls a meeting in which he renounces his anger.
Agamemnon apologises personally, offering the same gifts as before but also says he was blinded by the
Gods. Achilles still refuses to take the gifts but is eager to get back…

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Funeral games are held in honour of Patroklos, similar to the Olympic Games. This contrasts to the
previous scene of Hektor being violently flung to the ground by Achilles. The Mrymidons lament and
grieve, while Achilles refuses to eat or sleep until Patroklos is buried. Patroklos' ghost appears to…


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