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Group 7
The Halogens
AS ­ Atoms, groups and bonds. OCR…read more

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What are the Halogens?
· Fluorine, F2
· Chlorine, Cl2
· Bromine, Br2
· Iodine, I2
· There are more but we don't need to know
them in detail.…read more

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· Fluorine ­ Gas.
· Chlorine ­ Gas.
· Bromine ­ Liquid.
· Iodine ­ Solid.…read more

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Melting and boiling points
· The melting and boiling points of the Halogens
increase down the group. This is because as
you go down the group the van der waals
forces increase. (Due to increase in size and
mass of the atom as you go down the group.)
· This is why the physical states change from
gas-solid down the group.…read more

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· As you go down the group, reactivity decreases. (This
means that fluorine is the most reactive).
· This is because reactivity occurs when the Halogens gain an
electron (they're reduced). As you go down the group the
atoms get larger, meaning the radius increases so the outer
electrons get further and further from the nucleus. This
· More shielding from the attraction of the nucleus
· Less attraction between the electrons and the nucelus and
therefore harder for the atoms to attract the electron they
need to form the ion so as the atom size increases,
reactivity decreases.
· (The nuclear charge does increase but this is outweighed)…read more

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Displacement reactions
· The easiest way to understand this is with the
equation. In this example Bromine displaces
· Br2 + 2KI 2KBr + I2
· Br2 + 2I- 2Br- + I2
The Bromine is more reactive than the Iodine, therefore
displacing the iodine (taking it's place).…read more

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is this all we need to know for the group 7 section? :)

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