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Making Ammonia
Nitrogen is obtained from the air
by fractional distillation
Hydrogen is obtained from the
methane that reacts with steam
Forward reaction is exothermic.
Entropy decreases because
there are more moles of gas on
LHS…read more

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Effect of Temperature
Increasing the temperature:
Equilibrium shifts to LHS - smaller yield
Value of KC unaffected
Rate increases
Lower temperature is required…read more

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Effect of Pressure
Increasing the pressure:
Equilibrium shifts to RHS (fewer
moles of products)
Value of KC = unaffected
Rate increases
So high pressures are used…read more

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Effect of a catalyst
An iron catalyst is used in this reaction.
It lowers the activation energy and speeds up
the reaction so equilibrium can be achieved
No effect on position of equilibrium or the yield
of ammonia.…read more

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Temperature ­ 450 degrees Celsius
Pressure - 200 to 250 atm…read more


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