The Erl-King

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The Erl King
a girl is walking through a deserted wood and is seduced by a man who lives
there, she is drawn to the strange powers which this man holds (the Erl-King)
and falls subject to them, whereby ultimately his plan is to turn her into a bird
like he has down with all the other girls, who he has transformed and kept in
cages to sing to him. By the end of the story she has had enough and decides
to set herself free from his trap and strangles him, with his own hair, his death
sets free all the other caged birds and they transform back into their human,
virginal, states each with a love bite on their neck.
Perfect transparency must be impenetrable
It struck the wood with nicotine-stained finger
The woods enclose
The wood swallows you up
The trees stir with a noise like taffeta skirts of women who have lost
themselves in the woods and hunt round hopelessly for the way out
She will be trapped in her own illusion
Erl- King will do you grievous harm
Rusty fox, its muzzle sharpened to a point, laid his head upon his knee
He lays upon me his irrevocable hand
There are some eyes can eat you
He came alive from the desire of the woods
He knows all about the woods and the creatures in it
He said the owl was a baker's daughter; then he smiled at me
The little cages in which he keeps his singing birds
A wall of trapped birds
He is an excellent housewife
I lay at the mercy of his huge hands
He is like a tender butcher who showed me how the price of flesh is love
I am not afraid of him
I would have to wait until he whistled me up again from my darkness before I
could come back
In the wood, no shelter but his cottage
You sink your teeth into my throat and make me scream
I was the perfect child of the meadows of summer

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We are like two halves of a seed- then I could lodge inside your body and you
would bear me
His touch both consoles and devastates me
I shall become so small you can keep me in one of osier cages and mock my
loss of liberty
I shall be dumb, from spite
I loved him with all my heart and yet I had no wish to join the whistling
Erl-king tore out his heart
Wind them into ropes- I shall strangle him with…read more

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